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What is Learn Gym?

Learn Gym is an online platform for students to aid them in effective and efficient learning. It helps intellectual development in students using fun-filled academic tournaments, challenges, practice tests and educational videos.

Why Learn Gym?

Learn Gym inspires and motivates students by engaging them in a perfect blend of games and curriculum. The competitions ensure positive and competitive social interactions necessary for all round development.



Competitions based on academic curriculum. Students are awarded points and prizes according to their performance in these competitions.


One-on-one matches between friends on any subject of choice. These challenges engage students in a healthy competition besides ensuring effective learning.


Self-assessment tests and helpful tutorials on different topics. Regular practice and application of concepts improves a student’s problem solving skills.


Rankings based on performance in tournaments and challenges. Creates a competitive environment to prepare students for the tough world ahead.


Badges and certificates act as a gesture of appreciation. These achievements inspire and motivate students to perform better.


Detailed feedback based on various parameters of student’s performance. Helps in tracking progress and identifying weak areas.